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Canoe Wild is approved to deliver outdoor education by Kent County Council allowing us to work with all schools, youth groups, charities and community projects.  We are also an approved (AAP) provider for the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Our procedures and policies have been scrutinised by both organisations and we have developed these policies in line with Sports England, Canoe England and the BCU (British Canoe Union) to view our policies please click on the links below.


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Canoe Wild Activities & Courses

Canoe Wild offers a wide selection of activities for all ages, variety of group sizes, timescales and budgets.

Paddle Power Start

This is a £15 taster session in open canoe and about 1hr ½ again a minimum of 8 per session target age 9 to 12 years

Paddle Power Passport

This is a 6 session course which starts with the Paddle Power Start and then the Children progress through a series of 5 x 1 hour sessions. At the end of each session they have the passport stamped by the coach to show they have completed the session. This course is done in both Kayak and Canoe once completed the child will have confidence on the water and an the award is the junior equivalent to the BCU 1 star

Pool Taster Sessions

This is a Kayak only taster session and children or adults get the chance to get used to kayaks and capsizing before the go on the water lots of fun and lots of games. Age 9 to adult £15

BCU 1 star

The BCU 1 Star Award is for age 12/13 years and also the entry adult BCU qualification this can be done in an open Canoe or Kayak and is a 6 hour course although we believe it is best to do the extended course which covers both Kayak and Canoe as this then give a good foundation for progression.

The courses can be done in the following formats

  • ·         Canoe or Kayak only 1 day           £65
  • ·         Canoe or Kayak only 2 x ½ day    £35 per session  –  Total for course £70
  • ·         Canoe and Kayak 3 x ½ day          £35 per session – recommended  –  Total for course £105
  • ·         Canoe and Kayak 6 x 1½ hours   £20 per session – recommended  –  Total for course £120

BCU 2 Star

The BCU 2 Star Award is the next level up from the BCU 1 Star and all participants must have the BCU 1 Star before progressing onto the BCU 2 Star Award. The BCU 2 Star involves both Open Canoe and Kayaks.

The courses can be done in the following formats

  • ·         Canoe and Kayak 4 x ½ day                          £35 per session                 Total for course – £140
  • ·          Canoe and Kayak 7 x 1 ½ hours                 £22.50 per session           Total for course – £157.50

Kid’s parties

These are £22.5 per head and a minimum of 8 – target age 8/9 to 11/12 yrs the sessions last about 2 hours and they all receive a certificate for the BCU Paddlestart award

Beaver, Cubs & Scouts

Canoe Wild can cater for large group sizes and offer flexible activities involving Canoes, Kayaks, treasure hunts and bird watching visits onto the Stodmarsh nature reserve.  We can tailor the activities to your time requirements and budgets.

Please contact us at doit@canoewild.co.uk or give us a call on 01227469 219 to discuss your requirement and budgets